Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The dead sucked anyway why defend them?

Three words "Blow me Hennefer"

Yes that springs to mind when
perusing the latest nonsensical babblings of a clearly deranged man. In the most recent assault upon logic my dear friend Sean has deemed it necessary to attempt to bring light to where clearly none lives. Sean's favorite character in one of both of our favorite comic book titles of yesteryear titled "The New Mutants" was the weakest link in the mutant chain. Doug Ramsey.

While I admit I don't openly loathe Doug as he and his cyborg buddy Warlock provided that much needed comic relief that every title needs the comic buffoon with a lame power that couldn't possibly benefit anyone in any given situation unless the writers made some gargantuan effort in order to include him which of course they managed to do. I mean hell they are comic writers they are paid to make the boring seem somehow exciting and they blow it pretty regularly but somehow Sean managed to connect on a maybe openly homosexual level with the young strapping man who could translate any language though his "powerful" mutant gift of Omnilingual Translation. Talk about a snooze fest.

I just fail to see the draw here. He's C-list material here these are super heroes were talking about not guys who are really good at math. Because he can translate some ancient alien writings which allows the rest of the team to learn about some ancient alien ritual that saves the planet earth through the use of their real super powers just doesn't put him at the top of the list for me.

Supporting roles are there for
B: cannon fodder for whichever alien race comes to town.
They might as well have slapped a
red shirt on him and teleported him in first to every battle.

I for one applaud the writers for removing one more half assed idea from comics from all time. I hope they kill off a
c-lister every single month from now on Marvel could go on for years and not even feel a dent. Any writer with any sense would leave the dead and buried where they belong and let rayne cry herself to sleep every night. Now that's drama.

Although Sean and Jonas couldn't be more right about this book.

hanks boys for helping me to remember why I loved and hated this all so much. Your a dear man friends and I love you. Not as a woman loves a man but as a dear man friend loves another. And while I hate to speak so harshly to you it must be said.

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The Elegant Liar said...

That issue at the top of your blog is my favorite issue of New Mutants, bastard.